Sep. 26th, 2003

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you know, I was called white trash when I used to say Lynn was hot when we watched "we are nsync".


"Stop saying that Lance," Justin said, and put a towel over his head. This tour was never, ever going to end. He didn't really appreciate how incredibly much he depended on the support of his mother being around until she ended up getting a surprise trip across the country.

Trace walked by. "You ready to go yet?"

"nearly," Justin said.

"Yo, Lynn," and Trace drank from Justin's water. "You coming with us tonight?"

"Hell, why not," Lance said, and gave Trace a dazzling smile. Trace blinked a few times, looked at Justin, scratched his head, and then announced his intention to find Steve. "Did I say the wrong thing?"

"My mom probably wouldn't come," Justin said, towel still on his face. "But it doesn't matter. Trace has seen my mom do some weird shit."

"You know," Lance said thoughtfully, "since you called your dad and told him, no one would be weirded out if I picked someone up." Justin sat up so fast his spine cracked. "Lynn's pretty fine."

Justin put the towel back on his face.

"No, really," Lance said. "I bet I could get some decent action with these." Justin didn't move, and actually closed his eyes as well, because if Lance was gripping his mother's breasts - no, there was no 'if' about it.


you know, I remember a time when I was funny. ah well. sorry. :D


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