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So a friend and I were discussing fandom research (yes, again) and I don't think this poll's been done. if it has, can you show me where? :) Anyway, if you'd be willing to fill this out it'd be really appreciated. It's only a few questions and then you're done. And if you could pass it around, again, much appreciated. :D

Thar be a poll here. )

In other news: Justin's releasing a DVD?
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So I'm doing my part for the Cause, man. Two fandom research surveys, here, about fandom in general, and here, which is "slash fandom". both of these might have already made the rounds, but whatever. I do my part to pass the Word on.
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done. done done done done done. if anyone wants to see the final draft, it's here, in .doc format. because the probability of me trying to HTML something right now is slim to none. any minute now, that cute little "this is lise hallucinating" will be literal. which, I guess could be cool.

(kate, I'm so sorry I couldn't wait for you; my eyes are bleeding from doing this. you're so kind as to say yes to my demands, and then. I suck.)
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So, round two of edits, for those of you who maybe didn't see it the first time and don't hate me yet for talking about NOTHING ELSE...

Real People Fiction as Mythology: the first draft for real. you can get it either in word format or in HTML.

comments still loved, paper now 20 pages, sans endnotes and biblio. (this is what I did the poll for, like, a month ago. :) )
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so I'm mostly done my paper on RPF as myth. Mostly as in, I need a fuck of a lot more research, and references up the wazoo.

But if anyone wants to read the almost totally completed first draft, you can get it either in word format or in HTML.

and if you do read it, I'd love comments and/or concerns. I mean, I'm still working on this. and it's due Wednesday. so I'd really like comments. :)
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point the first: does anyone know if there've been any discussions of the recent Escapade panels by anyone? I've been trying to find some but so far, just very truncated things. Or, did anyone attend Escapade and, say, took notes? on anything RPF related? am I ever going to stop thinking about things in terms of research?

point the second: I'm trying to trace the rise of popslash in terms of the early years. this is massively problematic, being that my very first entry in livejournal is August of 2001, and by then Helen had had an lj for six months (six? four?), the bunny-o-rama list I'm sure was in full swing for ages and ages, and tracing the organic creation of this religion is just about as easy as trying to pull out my teeth one by one.

anyone out there willing to give me a hand? actually was *on* the bunny list? remembers nsync fic pre-helen? want to wrap my hands in oven mitts and tape them on so I stop trying to research things?


more fic. of some kind. because I know you guys are sick to death of hearing about research. Read more... )
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Okay, for the second time: It'd be really awsome if you checked out my popfic fandom sexuality poll. if you are, or ever were, into the popfic fandom (reading, writing, lurking), help a sistah out?

This is for a fourth year paper, blah blah, and I need twenty more people to hit three hundred replies. which would obviously be fabulous. It's only three questions, and please, pass it on!
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This is a survey to (hopefully) find out roughly how queer our wacky fandom known as popfic is. Being in the popfic fandom means: if you identify yourself as being in the popslash fandom, or dabble in it, or play around in it, or read it but don't write it, or write it but don't read it, or think about it, or have 'nsync fanfic' 'RPF' 'popslash' or anything like them in your interests in livejournal, or used to be involved and currently aren't... you get the idea.

For those of you who haven't heard about my research and this major paper, a brief explanation right over here. )

(Definition from here.)

Queer: 1) An umbrella term to refer to all LGBTIQ people.
2) A political statement, as well as a sexual orientation, which advocates breaking binary thinking and seeing both sexual orientation and gender identity as potentially fluid.
3) A simple label to explain a complex set of sexual behaviors and desires. For example, a person who is attracted to multiple genders may identify as queer.

In other words, if 'straight' means 'heterosexual' (and fairly restrictively so) then 'queer' would mean 'everything and everyone not straight'.

[L = lesbian. G = gay (ie: men.) B = bisexual. T = transgender. I = intersex. Q = questioning. ]

[Poll #107606]

[Question one is the most important; two is an opinion poll which (I hope) will help identify those people who don't identify as queer but have queer influences around them. Question three is simple statistics. :) Again, please please please pass this on? if I can't get at least two hundred people to answer, it's probably not going to be representative enough to do any good. thank you kel, for patiently helping for two hours with this.]
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in the event that someone might have actually (*gasp*) done this quasi-academic survey before and I simply can't remember where, does anyone know where articles/results of polls/the like can be found on:

-- the percentage of queer identified people in various fandoms, in particular this wacky fandom we call popslash?
-- barring that, the percentage of people who consider themselves more in tune/sensitive to issues of sexuality and queer issues?

also, any and all pointers in regards to the study of that wacky thing we call fandom, as well as media studies and articles that relate to pop slash would be very very much appreciated. I mean, I know "textual poachers" (not that my school library has it in, because some bastard has taken it out already and I'm going to have to buy the book), but in regards to the actual research of the online fandom, and the RPF fandom in particular... yeah. any help would rock my world. I'd do you scenes in payment.

if you guys can't tell, this paper is probably all I'm going to be talking about for the next two months. you've been warned. I'll try to keep it brief, but continuous requests for help will probably come up. just sayin'.

anyone who wants to stick around just for the fic, feel free to bitch incessantly about my gratuitous posting and/or drop me mercilessly like the dull undergrad I am. now if only I can find a copy of "textual poachers" for my very own.
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[I should disclaim that this post is half for me, and my 'needs to write a myth paper in a month' ass. :) so uh, yeah. pretention ahead.]

This post has been brewing, off and on, for almost a year now, ever since I went to Orlando the first time. But now that I'm in a mythography (the analysis of mythology) class, the tools to say this have maybe finally coalesced. Come together. Whatever. Plus if anyone accuses me of taking myself too seriously, I've already got the response: I write RPF, a, and b. I'm a mythology major. Not being taken seriously in regards to what comes out of my mouth is a matter of course.

Someone emailed Kel and I and asked whether we thought the story 'flesh mechanic' could have been written in any other fandom -- she also said, she had heard someone else say that it couldn't have been. And I had to reply with "well, I'm a mythology major and Kel's a psych major, and we both have minors in another language - thinking in terms of analysis is kind of a matter of course."

And that's just intro, because: *nsync is the new mythology. Our new mythology. )
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