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so, kazaa is a veritable plethoria of downloadable hip-hop videos. and while I was watching them today, I realized exactly what Hermione would have looked like if she had grown up in Hollywood. )
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I'm so bored I'm looking forward to my class just to relieve the monotomy of being hungry and yet not being able to afford lunch. as the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] k8inorbit tends to say, "episode one bored."

somewhere deep in me, struggling to get out, there's a story about Christina and early childhood sexual abuse, and how that's not what her life is all about, that's not what she defines herself by, because that's giving more power to the people who held her down. but I'm ignoring it because really, the story is just that, no actual plot. I just really want to write justin asking her, "are you okay? I mean, you sing these songs every night," and her saying "what happened doesn't define who I am."

etc. but since it's not going to go into the Stripified '03 tour of pornography story, there's nowhere to put it, theend.

thoughts on buffy. )

and now I really should go and read Ovid, and try and come up with a semi-intelligent way to explain that what I want to write my major paper on this term is actually gay porn, and how it has replaced religion in the same way that the mythos of the greeks was their religion. but now it's gay sex about boyband members.

only not at all like that. and somehow work in mythic theorists as well, so that I can at least kind of have a relevant paper. maybe he'll let me avoid most theorists if I take different modern definitions of mythology and apply it to this wacky thing we call the popslash fandom.

because god agrees with nick and howie: ass-fucking is a-okay.
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it's essay season again. watch Lise do anything but essays. in fact, on the topic of the Angel season one DVDs? (and obviously, there be spoilers within.) here's my problem with Angel. )


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