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This is something I swore up and down to [livejournal.com profile] throughadoor I would never let her talk me into. But hey, the curtain's drawn back on everything, including celebrity. it's been a year since we posted the cult of Timberlake story, and I guess that's as good a time as any to talk about it some more.

Which is to say, kel talked me into:

Flesh Mechanic: Not an AU - Member Commentary.

Really, this is much less interesting than it could be. I mean, this thing has been talked to death. but there's nothing like flogging an already corpsified horse. Especially if his name is J. Timberlake.
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I know I don't post much here, and that's because I haven't written anything in a long while, but sometimes, sometimes there are things you have to share, for the good of humanity. from a review of JC's club show:

I finally was able to read what JC's jacket said in the opening number "ADIDAS," - "I sold my soul to the beat '03".

has anyone seen chris since the '03 vmas? no? you know why? we hesitated, and now it's too late.
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memo to me and [livejournal.com profile] throughadoor: title the hooker AU "sleep on the loveseat". title the college AU "cooking with the devil", "frying down in hell" or possibly "taco stand".
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So. [livejournal.com profile] throughadoor is not getting any older. In fact, I've heard a little birdie tell me that she's turning nine some time soon. and this is early on purpose. because it's not her birthday. it's just for her - except it's kind of not. because what do you get your co-writer?

slip through your net. title and linked by Tori Amos' "don't make me come to vegas." which was a totally random song selection, and then it very very much wasn't.

Not at all related to the story: To drive from Orlando to Los Angeles is 2500 miles. To drive from Los Angeles to Orlando is aproximately 40 hours, or two days. if you drive straight through. not related. honest.

so, also, this is friendslocked because I am thinking perhaps at some point this story will be cannibalized to be made something else. with kel. so consider this a work in progress.
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kel: dude
kel: DUDE
kel: what does this picture ) make you think of?
lise: *looks*
lise: ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
kel: duuuuude
kel: it's TIME
kel: we have to go get CHRIS, IT'S TIME!
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we told you co-dependency rocked and you smiled and you nodded. well, now, we're taking to co-dependency to the next level. this is [livejournal.com profile] kellyem, channeling ms. [livejournal.com profile] pop_tarts.

it happened like this:

lise: oh! dude.
kel: mmmm?
lise: you have to ghost-write an LJ entry for me.
kel: about what?
lise: with these topics:

a. the grammys: why do I hate myself. seriously, I watch any and every awards show each and every year, and every time: "I'll drink next time". and never do. what's worse, I always tape the whole goddamned thing. which is to say, I taped the whole thing.

[livejournal.com profile] kellyem says: lise hates awards shows a lot. but she also loooooves pain. she has a whole song and dance that she does about how when you're on the brink of throwing yourself out of a twenty story building, there's nothing left for you to do but watch the 2001 MTV VMAs. she promised me once that she'd come visit and we'd watch them and get drunk and watch porn, but she's a fucking liar because she hasn't yet.

b. rock your body: is still my favorite JrT song. which makes me think of Junior Mr. T. which is such a bad headspace.

lise would like you to pretend that she hasn't thought of justin as a serial killer, a blushing bride and a mother with a miscarriage, all in the last two months. she'd like you to pretend like the picture of justin in her head with a couple extra layers of bling is something alarming, but we know it really isn't at all.

also, her favorite part of "rock your body" is have you nekkid by the end of this song and her favorite color is pink and if she could go on a dream date with justin timberlake, they'd go to waffle house.

c. tickets! tickets tickets tickets. kel can fill you in, as she's the man with the plan. note to self: find someone willing to talk your ass out of going to tacoma *too*.

[livejournal.com profile] kellyem says: well, hey! stripified portland, also known at the cult leader and the porn star 2003 will be attended by a lise and also by a kel. and also quite a few other people that we're quite excited about seeing.

if you want us, we'll be in section 118, row b. we also aspire to follow the cult across country borders to vancouver, and lise told me specifically to strongly encourage certain people to give into the beat and come see what all the shadow puppets are all about.

and she's gonna have to find someone else to talk us out of going to tacoma, because it ain't gonna be me.

d. tickets! I'm almost more excited to see christina twice than Junior Mr. T.

[livejournal.com profile] kellyem says: this one pretty much speaks for itself. we love justin, we also love tits. the end.

lise: there you go
kel: okay.
lise: write me an lj entry? oh! also. something about the marriage story. and how its stalled due to excessive acid flashbacks. and we're also excited about the commitment ceremony!

[livejournal.com profile] kellyem says: i'll kick her ass on the marriage story. because i do kick her ass. pretty much whenever i feel like it. and also, we've decided to register our committment at ticketmaster.com, so please don't hesitate to show your joy over the fact that we've decided to take our co-dependency to the next level.

and i'm out. the real lise will return soon. i hope. i miss her, too. more than y'all. because i'm uppity like that.
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so after months and months, and Cry Me A River, and the Guardian interview, and the billboard awards performance--

really, this isn't going to come as much of a shock. but. co-written with [livejournal.com profile] kellyem:

[flesh mechanic] - not an AU. This is what Justin left behind.

thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cliokat and [livejournal.com profile] hetrez for the betas, and a lot of other people for a lot of other things. also, this is kind of disturbing. as in, a lot disturbing. nothing gory or graphic, just. disturbing.

"Thus we find the source of our new multiple murderer primarily among the ambitious who failed - or who believed they would fail - and who seek another form of success in the universal celebrity and attention they will receive through their extravagant homicides." --Elliot Leyton.

and of course: "I just love your brain" --Justin Timberlake.

the icon! the icon can finally be used in a post!!
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so, reading the friendslist apparently it's Justin's birthday. Which, since my calendar is a 2002 one, stuck on november, I totally didn't realize. It would have been cool to have the cult story done for today, except probably a little traumatic. Instead:


Justin leaned his head against the damp brick. Damp, damp, not brick. wall. plaster wall. the speaker under his ass, humming. Someone was humming.

A hand grabbed him. Over the shoulder of the guy, the speaker vibrating under him and the hand over him and over him and over him, justin thought he saw a flash of something alien. maybe it was a face.

"oh, god," he said, quietly, and then his jeans were sticky.

or something. you know. drugs and sex. what better way to spend your 22nd? happy Justin day, y'all.


Jan. 27th, 2003 08:44 am
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so I'm at school, here, thinking "lord, please let me go home" because, you know. that's what we think at school. and instead of doing my greek homework, of course I'm making pointless LJ entries.

things to remember for later:

eminem lyric of the moment: "not a moment goes by, that I'm beggin' you god, please don't let me be pigeon holed in no regular job". make something of this. possibly chris related.

justin psychotic episode of the moment: that Jarvis Church song, "run for your life". where the crazy fan asks him if he got her package. funniest thing ever. aka The Stalker Song, Number Seventeen.

note to self from conversation with kelly at seven am this morning: the article. Yes. That One. make sure to include "not the only one missing" and list off cities. cryptic, true, but the story will be done soon!

note to kelly: justin/joey sex, damnit. by friday.

note to the world: please make people leave me alone today. all I want to do is watch the video for "beautiful" by christina, and go back to bed. --speaking of, oh my GOD. I only just saw the vid last night, and boy was it pretty. Loved. cliche perhaps? but loved anyway. but, okay, I have a question. the boy in the very beginning? laying down all artsy like and staring soulfully into the camera? he looks a fuck of a lot like Justin. am I alone in this? personal hallucination, or subtle Timberlake reference? you be the judge.
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so, oh my GOD. Justin in a dolphin suit.

suffice it to say, this doesn't come from me. a very nice lady that [livejournal.com profile] cliokat pointed out today had this footage up, and I thought that she mightn't mind if I put it up, un-locked, for people for a couple of days.

I mean, everyone needs to see Justin and the flaming lips performing together, right?

right click, save. you can tell people about this, but like, don't message board it or anything, iff'n you don't mind. I don't have *that* much bandwidth.

[edited: to say that [livejournal.com profile] quiet000001 is the lovely fantabulous lady who capped this and put it online. I'm just trying to help out with bandwidth any way I can. :) ]
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so, I went through all of the images google.com brought up under "justin timberlake". which yielded a new icon (!) but not what I was looking for. so I come to y'all.

I'm looking for a picture of Justin, from the Celebrity Tour, where he's kneeling down and letting the crowd rub the top of his head. like, I know he did it and I could have *sworn* I saw tour photos floating around. but fucked if I can find any.

barring that, an online copy of the bootleg, if anyone has it kicking around, so I can screencap it? just the stupid part from "gone" where he's like, riffing and stuff, and then kneels down. I don't even know what shows he does it in, just that I'm SURE I saw it other than in real life. anyway, yeah. I'd be horribly indebted. it's for a good cause.

if you consider the cult of justin a good cause. which we all do, of course. or we wouldn't be here. right? right. good.
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