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rae: Beyonce looks trashy.
lise: she's country, you know.
rae: emphasis on the 'cunt'..

also, there should be something witty right here about Eminem and Justin when they actually touched. But the fact that I just wrote the sentence "when eminem and justin actually touched" - I mean. um. but really, there's been too much beer I think to come up with it. So just imagine. or don't, just look at the icon instead.
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except, we all know that there's nothing straight about eminem.

anyway, there's a Tradition, over in yonder parts, that for every awards show [livejournal.com profile] strandia and I get so drunk we can't see, and watch awards. thus making them imminently more palatable.

so, in honor of tomorrow's drunken orgy of crap (v!m!a!s: the crappiest awards show of them all. Just ask pamie):

rae: but, vmas! don't forget.
me: See you tomorrow with sparkles on.
me: <- might show up in overalls or a skirt, due to lack of clothing. but.
rae: hey, come naked.
me: whoo hoo!
me: it's the v!m!a!s after all.
rae: it might help with the sexual identity crisis.
rae: and like, creed might be there.
rae: and um. kid rock.
me: we want to get naked for creed and kid rock?
me: Even I'm not that sexual identity crisis-ly confused.
rae: oh, scott stapp! take me now!
rae: with arms wide open!


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