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in amid all the crying I did over angel tonight. uh. again. more justin/lynn. )
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there's this thing, that LC did, this world a hunting is, and like, though I wrote the sex to go along with it and locked the post elsewhere? somehow justin/lynn just won't. go. away.

no sex this time. )
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incest! is best. also, I'm kind of disturbed how easy it was to find the picture for this icon. which is to say, lookit the icon!

lcsbanana: one big happy family!
lcsbanana: see, yeah, i couldn't figure out a way to write actual Lynn/Justin. so there's just very heavy subtext.
thissugarcane: aww. dude. it's easy.
thissugarcane: Just write:

Justin closed the curtains, while Mr. Kirkpatrick washed up the dishes. He sat beside his momma on their bed. She rubbed a hand on his thigh. "Baby, how you doin'?"

He nuzzled into her neck, wrapping an arm around her waist. "I'm tired," he said, resting his hand on her smooth back.

She kept rubbing his thigh. "Come on ta bed, Chris," she called out, and then took off Justin's shirt.

thissugarcane: see? Easy!
lcsbanana: I just feel the need to *explain* the incest.
thissugarcane: oh, well. if you're gonna take the hard way out.
lcsbanana: this is why you should do it. )
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so, reading the friendslist apparently it's Justin's birthday. Which, since my calendar is a 2002 one, stuck on november, I totally didn't realize. It would have been cool to have the cult story done for today, except probably a little traumatic. Instead:


Justin leaned his head against the damp brick. Damp, damp, not brick. wall. plaster wall. the speaker under his ass, humming. Someone was humming.

A hand grabbed him. Over the shoulder of the guy, the speaker vibrating under him and the hand over him and over him and over him, justin thought he saw a flash of something alien. maybe it was a face.

"oh, god," he said, quietly, and then his jeans were sticky.

or something. you know. drugs and sex. what better way to spend your 22nd? happy Justin day, y'all.
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raecrivain: I love jola. write me jola!
thissugarcane: jola!
thissugarcane: hmmm
raecrivain: happy!
raecrivain: with kissing! )
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so there's this thing, that the hip hop station does out here in the morning: tell us the sports scores. and the guy digs b-ball, so we hear that. and this morning, I really wanted to reread sandy's march madness AU, and then I did and now all I can think about is justin and lance having sex and playing b-ball.

god bless the world, I say.

in other news: chris and justin, the best buddy kung-fu story never told )


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