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1. does anyone have a screencap of Justin at the VMAs giving Eminem love? I can't remember seeing any.

2. [livejournal.com profile] throughadoor, you must write a scene where Justin gets an A on his organic chemistry midterm. Because Lance "tutored" him. Yes, it's a college AU. also titled b!g!s!k!inluv! which, if anyone deciphers that, they deserve to know the joke.


"But, mom," Justin said to the phone. He was having a bit of a problem reacting reasonably in this situation. "Did you really sleep with Chris?"

Lance was sitting in the lounge and painting his -- Lynn's -- no, Lance's nails, it didn't matter what body they were attached to - his nails black, and smirking a little bit. Justin thought for a minute that Lance was smirking at him.

His mom answered in that deep, low voice, "Baby, it. Let's not talk about it right now, all right?"

"But--" and then Justin stopped. Really, his mom had a right to do whatever she wanted; it was her and Paul's business, and Paul seemed to be. But. Still. "Chris?"

"I'm going to fly out and see you tomorrow, okay? Make sure you get a room that I can stay in? Because--"

"Right, right," and Justin sighed. Right. His mom might share his suite. Lance probably wouldn't. "I'll take care of it."

"Thanks, sweetie."

"How's my body doing?" Lance asked, and blew on his nails.

Justin hung up the phone, and turned around. "You know," he said, trying not to feel, however he was feeling. He tried not to get too resentful towards Lance about Chris and his mom sleeping together; it wasn't really Lance's fault, even though it was, in a bizarre twilight zone way. Justin added, "About the same."
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I blame [livejournal.com profile] glockgal.


"No, honestly, they're seriously freaking me out," Justin said. He flipped over, holding the phone gingerly. "What should I do?"

"Honey," JC said, and then Justin's phone beeped and he answered the call waiting, and Joey nearly yelled,

"I can't believe Lance slept with him," and Justin looked over at Lance, curled up in his mother's bathrobe and reading a magazine on Justin's bus, and then Justin took a very, very long breath, and then he winced a little, and then he realized he really didn't want to hear any more of--

"not like he's not hot, okay, fine, but seriously, Lance knows what a bad fucking idea that is, right?" Joey was still talking. "Geez."

Justin swallowed. "Lance. Slept with a guy."

Joey paused. "Dude, are you okay? You knew that, it's so not news."

"No, you're right," and Justin breathed very deeply. "Lance slept with a guy, it was a bad idea, well, we all can't--"

"Sleeping with one of your band members is a bad idea, you know that, unless there's the right vibe," and then Justin counted to ten in his head, and then blanched, and realized that as he was talking to Joey right now, and that JC was waiting patiently on his other line while Joey talked about Lance sleeping with-

"I can't believe Chris hasn't called you yet," Joey said. "It's totally weird."

Lance looked up from his magazine; Justin was making little choking noises, deep in the back of his throat. "Are you okay?" he asked, in Lynn's twang. "You look weird."

Justin didn't look at Lyn-- at Lance, at Lynn's face making Lance's bored-yet-semi-attentive face. "I have to go," he said to Joey, and all but hung up on him.

JC asked, "Justin, what's up?"

"I have to get off the phone."

"Joey just called you, didn't he. Did you hear about Lance and Chris? Don't worry, it was a one-time thing, you're still--"

"It's, I just gotta run, my battery's dying," Justin replied faintly.

Lance tapped long manicured nails against the back of the couch impatiently. Justin closed his phone gently, and placed it beside him; then didn't really move. Lance raised an eyebrow at him. "*What*?"
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Note to self #1: fandom cliche you haven't written yet - body-switching.

Note to self #2: don't stay up until four thirty am reading lambs body switching stories or bike messenger and non-profits aus, even if they are by K and k and you love them. Because it makes you feel like you're jumpy and twitchy and have a fever.

Note to self #3: find a way to make body switching appear original despite all evidence to the contrary, and lamb-y. Possibly via Lynn Harless.


"So I need to call JC, because he totally owes me a hundred bucks - Britney ended up making out with Madonna, and I called it like, years ago, man, no one knew but we had a betting pool going," Just called out, and then stared at his mother. "Mom?"

Lynn Harless was wrapped in a hotel sheet and a sweatsuit, and had a very odd looking scowl on. "Justin," she said, and then put a hand on her throat.

"Are you okay?"

The scowl deepened, and she was about to say something, but Justin's phone rang, the special ring tone he used for either really important business calls or booty. Basically, phone calls that required some kind of work on his part to gain a pleasant reward. He glanced at the call display - Lance - and grinned. Lance qualified on both accounts.

"Yo," and he kept looking at his mom. "What's the what?"

"Justin, baby," Lance's voice said. Somehow, it was sweeter than normal. "Can I talk-- can I talk to Lynn?"

Justin shrugged, and handed the phone over. Lynn said, "hello?" and waited, listening intently for a minute, then, "oh thank christ, I thought I was crazy," and then, "I suppose it's possible," and then finally, "should I tell him?" Justin watched all of this, mystified, and his mom finally winced. "Uh, Justin."

"What the hell is it? You're freaking me out."

"This." Lynn cleared her throat, and then rubbed her forehead in a weirdly familiar way. "I'm Lance."


"I'm Lance," and the forehead rubbing continued, just like how Lance looked when he was bent over a script. "In your mom's body."

"Ew, mom, that's just--"

"No," his mom interrupted, and from the other end of the phone, Lance's voice sounded loud and a little too brash. "I'm Lance. Just. Not."

Justin distinctly heard whoever was on the other end of the phone say, "If you talk to JC, get my hundred too, man," and then he swallowed thickly. Lynn - his mom - the person in front of him, their scowl deepened.


um. I disavow all knowledge of this.
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So. [livejournal.com profile] throughadoor is not getting any older. In fact, I've heard a little birdie tell me that she's turning nine some time soon. and this is early on purpose. because it's not her birthday. it's just for her - except it's kind of not. because what do you get your co-writer?

slip through your net. title and linked by Tori Amos' "don't make me come to vegas." which was a totally random song selection, and then it very very much wasn't.

Not at all related to the story: To drive from Orlando to Los Angeles is 2500 miles. To drive from Los Angeles to Orlando is aproximately 40 hours, or two days. if you drive straight through. not related. honest.

so, also, this is friendslocked because I am thinking perhaps at some point this story will be cannibalized to be made something else. with kel. so consider this a work in progress.
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kel: dude
kel: DUDE
kel: what does this picture ) make you think of?
lise: *looks*
lise: ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
kel: duuuuude
kel: it's TIME
kel: we have to go get CHRIS, IT'S TIME!
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rae: Beyonce looks trashy.
lise: she's country, you know.
rae: emphasis on the 'cunt'..

also, there should be something witty right here about Eminem and Justin when they actually touched. But the fact that I just wrote the sentence "when eminem and justin actually touched" - I mean. um. but really, there's been too much beer I think to come up with it. So just imagine. or don't, just look at the icon instead.
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except, we all know that there's nothing straight about eminem.

anyway, there's a Tradition, over in yonder parts, that for every awards show [livejournal.com profile] strandia and I get so drunk we can't see, and watch awards. thus making them imminently more palatable.

so, in honor of tomorrow's drunken orgy of crap (v!m!a!s: the crappiest awards show of them all. Just ask pamie):

rae: but, vmas! don't forget.
me: See you tomorrow with sparkles on.
me: <- might show up in overalls or a skirt, due to lack of clothing. but.
rae: hey, come naked.
me: whoo hoo!
me: it's the v!m!a!s after all.
rae: it might help with the sexual identity crisis.
rae: and like, creed might be there.
rae: and um. kid rock.
me: we want to get naked for creed and kid rock?
me: Even I'm not that sexual identity crisis-ly confused.
rae: oh, scott stapp! take me now!
rae: with arms wide open!
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[livejournal.com profile] stubbleglitter asked for lynncest. and when don't I do what I'm told? also, I should stop watching the Food Network. maybe. :) lynncest be beyond this thar cut tag. )
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that I'll be in southern california next week. Orange County, to be exact. yes, this is the perfect time for a Colin Hanks joke. er, I don't know who all is around there. but. if anyone's interested, next week, you could message my phone.

and because there's never posting without fic.


Justin was damned near about to take a baseball bat to the old AM tape player. "Can we not," he said, "find another station?" He stared at the thing - it was so old that the dial was manual, for chrissake - "or a different tape?"

Chris and Christina shrugged together. "It's broken," Chris said helpfully. Christina shook her tits at Justin's desk as her 2 o'clock appointment came in.

Justin knew that the tape player was doing it on purpose. Christina's mix tape had only been put on this morning; there was no reason for it to pick R Kelly four times, and then refuse to be ejected. "Does no one worry that R Kelly was convicted of child molestation?"

Chris shrugged. "Some of those fourteen year olds," he replied, and licked his upper lip. "You know how it is."


well, I like the song. it torments [livejournal.com profile] kellyem but you can't have everything.
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So, wow, I haven't been here in a looooong while. But I don't want to give up on popslash, so, trying to come back. also: someone kick my ass about the hooker AU, because--


"I can't believe they're trying to kick you out of your apartment, J," Joey said, and pulled away from the curb. Joey's car smelled like lemon, not like air freshener but expensive cologne.

"Well," and Justin sighed. "I'm behind on rent. It's the way things go."


"no," Justin said. "Maybe I'll move in with Chris or something. He's in the building across from us, so."

Joey looks at him. "You could move in with Lance."

"I could move in with Lance," Justin echoed, but it wasn't even a little bit convincing. Just because they cleaned together didn't mean that Lance wanted him to stay.
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So wow, I haven't posted in this journal since April 23rd.  Mostly because I haven't written or read any popslash in a while.  these things wax and wane.

but, anyway, a few people have mentioned "where the fuck did Lise go?" - or maybe just in a polite way, not in an actual wondering way, but whatever. here's where I am.

currently writing: --harry potter, --a little x-men, --a little btvs.

currently excited about: --X-2 !!! --order of the phoenix! --stripified!! --The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!!!

currently downloading: --Everwood and --La Femme Nikita

currently worrying about in terms of money (in chronological order and mostly for my benefit):
--paying the webhost, $100 US.
--Portland Stripified, at least $150

--tuition, $1200
--CftC, $400 plus extras
--Dexcon, $150 plus extras

so that's what I'm doing. I'll be back to popslash, but right now other things have caught me. :D
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So I'm doing my part for the Cause, man. Two fandom research surveys, here, about fandom in general, and here, which is "slash fandom". both of these might have already made the rounds, but whatever. I do my part to pass the Word on.
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so [livejournal.com profile] girlcakes said: okay, there's this joke. I need to find my mic and make a sound file so I can send it. cause it's just as many people as are in a room, yelling "I'M HARRY POTTER!" over and over in really cracked-out voices, and then variations on that. "WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MY WAND?" "I CAN DO MAGIC SPELLS!" "I LIKE TO SUCK WIZARD COCK!"
and then [livejournal.com profile] pop_tarts said: "I LIKE TO SUCK WIZARD COCK!" is pretty funny all on it's own..
[livejournal.com profile] girlcakes: cause it's one of those things that *only* gets funnier. this started in November, and it's exponentially funnier now.
[livejournal.com profile] pop_tarts: right, yeah. *g* hee. like the cult of timberlake. Justin sucks wizard cock!
and at some point they dragged in [livejournal.com profile] kellyem to bring the JC and then there was, uh

harry potter and the very, very gay boyband )
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so, kazaa is a veritable plethoria of downloadable hip-hop videos. and while I was watching them today, I realized exactly what Hermione would have looked like if she had grown up in Hollywood. )
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done. done done done done done. if anyone wants to see the final draft, it's here, in .doc format. because the probability of me trying to HTML something right now is slim to none. any minute now, that cute little "this is lise hallucinating" will be literal. which, I guess could be cool.

(kate, I'm so sorry I couldn't wait for you; my eyes are bleeding from doing this. you're so kind as to say yes to my demands, and then. I suck.)
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40 hours till deadline, and what am I doing? watching my new Dawson's Creek DVDs.

which leads me to: hit me up with decent fic recs? first, season, Pacey/Joey if necessary, though what I *really* want is some Pacey/Tamara fic. Come on! it's teacher/student sex! there has to be someone out there that did it. anyone? bueller?
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So, round two of edits, for those of you who maybe didn't see it the first time and don't hate me yet for talking about NOTHING ELSE...

Real People Fiction as Mythology: the first draft for real. you can get it either in word format or in HTML.

comments still loved, paper now 20 pages, sans endnotes and biblio. (this is what I did the poll for, like, a month ago. :) )
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so I'm mostly done my paper on RPF as myth. Mostly as in, I need a fuck of a lot more research, and references up the wazoo.

But if anyone wants to read the almost totally completed first draft, you can get it either in word format or in HTML.

and if you do read it, I'd love comments and/or concerns. I mean, I'm still working on this. and it's due Wednesday. so I'd really like comments. :)

sex sells.

Apr. 3rd, 2003 09:39 pm
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note to self:


"Have you ever cleaned this oven, Justin?" Lance asked, peering into the big metal box warily. "Because it sure doesn't look like it."

"Of course I have," Justin answered promptly. "I did, I mean." He scratched his head, already plunging his hands into boiling water, scrub brush in hand. "I must have."

Lance raised an eyebrow. "If you say so." He closed the door anyway, and leaned a little away from the appliance. "Why the sudden need to clean the place, anyway?"

Justin flicked soap suds at Lance. "My place is always clean, man. It's just, it really really needs it right now. I've been putting too many hours at work." He attacked a pot with the scrubber. "You can just like, watch some TV if you want, I should be done these in a while and we can go out. I'll finish up later."

"It's okay," and Lance grabbed the broom. "I don't mind."

"Seriously, you don't have to," Justin said, rinsing his first pot and leaving it to dry. "I mean, I know I promised I'd take you out but I really really have to do these dishes first, it'll just be a minute."

"I don't mind," Lance said again, and started sweeping with careful strokes. "We can like, order in or something." He kept sweeping. "I've never cleaned an oven before, so it'll be good times."

Justin splashed around in the dishwater, cleaning like his life depended on it. He was giggling. "I swear, it must have been cleaned before. Honest. I mean, I've been living here over a year now."

"Have you ever USED it before?" Lance asked.

Justin thought about it. "Uh." Another plate was added to the pile. "I think so. Not for a while." He wiped soap suds off his forehead. "The office has been busy. I haven't really had time."

because they clean the oven together! joey's a hooker! sex sells!
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"ring the alarm" idea list, updated:

-- Christina at Nelly's club; no boxing save thursdays, but dance-offs all night
-- JC and Justin drag racing and betting
-- monster trucks at JC's diner, the hell hole
-- Lance watching Justin fight
-- christina talking to one of the top bettors; how to pick up tips and influence people at ALARM

--madonna's club and porn downloadable straight to your cell phone

-- busta rhymes takin' the fall for "pass the couvoursier" for puffy; jumping the wall to avoid his family as a teen
-- Justin and nelly knowing each other; that's how justin gets into the club scene?
-- pink's history a mystery
-- gwen stephani being the mechanic on a freighter
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