Sep. 13th, 2003

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I blame [ profile] glockgal.


"No, honestly, they're seriously freaking me out," Justin said. He flipped over, holding the phone gingerly. "What should I do?"

"Honey," JC said, and then Justin's phone beeped and he answered the call waiting, and Joey nearly yelled,

"I can't believe Lance slept with him," and Justin looked over at Lance, curled up in his mother's bathrobe and reading a magazine on Justin's bus, and then Justin took a very, very long breath, and then he winced a little, and then he realized he really didn't want to hear any more of--

"not like he's not hot, okay, fine, but seriously, Lance knows what a bad fucking idea that is, right?" Joey was still talking. "Geez."

Justin swallowed. "Lance. Slept with a guy."

Joey paused. "Dude, are you okay? You knew that, it's so not news."

"No, you're right," and Justin breathed very deeply. "Lance slept with a guy, it was a bad idea, well, we all can't--"

"Sleeping with one of your band members is a bad idea, you know that, unless there's the right vibe," and then Justin counted to ten in his head, and then blanched, and realized that as he was talking to Joey right now, and that JC was waiting patiently on his other line while Joey talked about Lance sleeping with-

"I can't believe Chris hasn't called you yet," Joey said. "It's totally weird."

Lance looked up from his magazine; Justin was making little choking noises, deep in the back of his throat. "Are you okay?" he asked, in Lynn's twang. "You look weird."

Justin didn't look at Lyn-- at Lance, at Lynn's face making Lance's bored-yet-semi-attentive face. "I have to go," he said to Joey, and all but hung up on him.

JC asked, "Justin, what's up?"

"I have to get off the phone."

"Joey just called you, didn't he. Did you hear about Lance and Chris? Don't worry, it was a one-time thing, you're still--"

"It's, I just gotta run, my battery's dying," Justin replied faintly.

Lance tapped long manicured nails against the back of the couch impatiently. Justin closed his phone gently, and placed it beside him; then didn't really move. Lance raised an eyebrow at him. "*What*?"
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1. does anyone have a screencap of Justin at the VMAs giving Eminem love? I can't remember seeing any.

2. [ profile] throughadoor, you must write a scene where Justin gets an A on his organic chemistry midterm. Because Lance "tutored" him. Yes, it's a college AU. also titled b!g!s!k!inluv! which, if anyone deciphers that, they deserve to know the joke.


"But, mom," Justin said to the phone. He was having a bit of a problem reacting reasonably in this situation. "Did you really sleep with Chris?"

Lance was sitting in the lounge and painting his -- Lynn's -- no, Lance's nails, it didn't matter what body they were attached to - his nails black, and smirking a little bit. Justin thought for a minute that Lance was smirking at him.

His mom answered in that deep, low voice, "Baby, it. Let's not talk about it right now, all right?"

"But--" and then Justin stopped. Really, his mom had a right to do whatever she wanted; it was her and Paul's business, and Paul seemed to be. But. Still. "Chris?"

"I'm going to fly out and see you tomorrow, okay? Make sure you get a room that I can stay in? Because--"

"Right, right," and Justin sighed. Right. His mom might share his suite. Lance probably wouldn't. "I'll take care of it."

"Thanks, sweetie."

"How's my body doing?" Lance asked, and blew on his nails.

Justin hung up the phone, and turned around. "You know," he said, trying not to feel, however he was feeling. He tried not to get too resentful towards Lance about Chris and his mom sleeping together; it wasn't really Lance's fault, even though it was, in a bizarre twilight zone way. Justin added, "About the same."


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