Sep. 11th, 2003

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Note to self #1: fandom cliche you haven't written yet - body-switching.

Note to self #2: don't stay up until four thirty am reading lambs body switching stories or bike messenger and non-profits aus, even if they are by K and k and you love them. Because it makes you feel like you're jumpy and twitchy and have a fever.

Note to self #3: find a way to make body switching appear original despite all evidence to the contrary, and lamb-y. Possibly via Lynn Harless.


"So I need to call JC, because he totally owes me a hundred bucks - Britney ended up making out with Madonna, and I called it like, years ago, man, no one knew but we had a betting pool going," Just called out, and then stared at his mother. "Mom?"

Lynn Harless was wrapped in a hotel sheet and a sweatsuit, and had a very odd looking scowl on. "Justin," she said, and then put a hand on her throat.

"Are you okay?"

The scowl deepened, and she was about to say something, but Justin's phone rang, the special ring tone he used for either really important business calls or booty. Basically, phone calls that required some kind of work on his part to gain a pleasant reward. He glanced at the call display - Lance - and grinned. Lance qualified on both accounts.

"Yo," and he kept looking at his mom. "What's the what?"

"Justin, baby," Lance's voice said. Somehow, it was sweeter than normal. "Can I talk-- can I talk to Lynn?"

Justin shrugged, and handed the phone over. Lynn said, "hello?" and waited, listening intently for a minute, then, "oh thank christ, I thought I was crazy," and then, "I suppose it's possible," and then finally, "should I tell him?" Justin watched all of this, mystified, and his mom finally winced. "Uh, Justin."

"What the hell is it? You're freaking me out."

"This." Lynn cleared her throat, and then rubbed her forehead in a weirdly familiar way. "I'm Lance."


"I'm Lance," and the forehead rubbing continued, just like how Lance looked when he was bent over a script. "In your mom's body."

"Ew, mom, that's just--"

"No," his mom interrupted, and from the other end of the phone, Lance's voice sounded loud and a little too brash. "I'm Lance. Just. Not."

Justin distinctly heard whoever was on the other end of the phone say, "If you talk to JC, get my hundred too, man," and then he swallowed thickly. Lynn - his mom - the person in front of him, their scowl deepened.


um. I disavow all knowledge of this.


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