Aug. 17th, 2003

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that I'll be in southern california next week. Orange County, to be exact. yes, this is the perfect time for a Colin Hanks joke. er, I don't know who all is around there. but. if anyone's interested, next week, you could message my phone.

and because there's never posting without fic.


Justin was damned near about to take a baseball bat to the old AM tape player. "Can we not," he said, "find another station?" He stared at the thing - it was so old that the dial was manual, for chrissake - "or a different tape?"

Chris and Christina shrugged together. "It's broken," Chris said helpfully. Christina shook her tits at Justin's desk as her 2 o'clock appointment came in.

Justin knew that the tape player was doing it on purpose. Christina's mix tape had only been put on this morning; there was no reason for it to pick R Kelly four times, and then refuse to be ejected. "Does no one worry that R Kelly was convicted of child molestation?"

Chris shrugged. "Some of those fourteen year olds," he replied, and licked his upper lip. "You know how it is."


well, I like the song. it torments [ profile] kellyem but you can't have everything.


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