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I have no idea if this is even a good idea.

Surprisingly enough, they all live in Orlando now. Lance thought that Justin, at least, would move to Los Angeles or Memphis, but no, Orlando was where they grew up it seems, so Orlando is where they stay. The city is a beautiful collection of scenery, poverty, and lush green; an oasis in the middle of Florida, an ugly state if ever Lance has seen one. and he thinks he's seen them all, but he'd have to go through their tour schedules to double-check.

He never, ever imagined that he'd want to stay in a place designed for people on pensions and people on holiday, but he likes it here. He likes Orlando. He likes palm trees, he likes sunshine, he likes thinking he can go home to where he grew up but isn't there like some washed up star. He's a star that made a conscious choice to retire.

He hates Orlando. He tells his mother that he hates Orlando, and she asks if he wants to come home. "I dunno," he tells her. "Maybe for a while." He's twenty-five and he's been retired for roughly two and a half years already. Orlando is full of people like him; he told his sister once that if he ever ended up on the Surreal Life to shoot on sight. He's been watching this season, and watching Jordan Knight try to look like he's having fun is so painful sometimes Lance wants to shoot on sight, put the guy out of his misery. Even if it maybe wasn't one hundred percent his choice to retire, it was still a choice and that's the difference. That makes a difference.

"I'll see you next week," his mom tells him, even if Lance hasn't agreed to come. He can fly business class and not worry about having a body guard because most people don't recognise him up there. He always pays to fly business class because he doesn't want to find out yet if this is the year he can fly coach and not worry about being recognised, too.

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