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[livejournal.com profile] stubbleglitter asked for lynncest. and when don't I do what I'm told? also, I should stop watching the Food Network. maybe. :)


"Justin," Lance said patiently, "stop that."

It wasn't just gross, it was against all laws of nature and reason, not to mention seriously weirding Lance out. He slapped Justin's hand away, took the newest food monstrosity, and dumped it in the garbage disposal.

"But!" and Justin put his hands on his hips, indignant.

"Justin," Lance said, less patiently. "you're a good cook. you really are. just quit experimenting so much. too much flavor," Lance added, as the garbarator ate up lemon wedges, anchovies, sourdough bread, and lemon jelly - Lance winced, feeling distinctly nauseous - "isn't a good thing."


"Why don't you make some pasta or something?" Lance said, sitting down at the table.

It wasn't a new obsession of Justin's, this cooking, but only lately had he gotten so, creative. Unfortunately, what worked in the studio - laying down a weird mesh of different flavors and spices and then mixing vigorously while Timbaland or Pharrell beat-boxed - didn't jive in the kitchen.

Justin set about to boiling some home-made pasta. Lance sighed in distinct relief. "Momma likes my weirdest cooking," Justin mumbled, but continued salting the boiling water, measuring out the right amount of fresh basil for the sauce, and pulling down the extra virgin olive oil.

"Can you do some mint, as well?" Lance asked hopefully. "And of course Lynn likes your cooking. She adores everything about you."

Justin pulled some mint from the plants on the windowsill, and started chopping that up as well. "well, it's mutual."


"honey," and Lynn closed her eyes in ecstacy, "this is the best meal I've had all month."

Justin grinned, and licked sauce off his thumb. Lance had to admit, it was really well done catfish, all soft and buttery, spicy without being overwhelming. Justin always cooked the best when his mom came for dinner; he managed to pull out the right amount of every flavor, and blend them together.

of course, for desert, Justin made them sundaes with $20 french vanilla, honey yogurt, bananas, sprinkles, nuts, homemade chocolate and coconut sauce, and three kinds of jam. Lance scraped most of the toppings off his, but Justin and Lynn ate every bite, sighing happily, and licking each other's fingers.


"do you think this recipe is too salty?" Justin said, frowning. He wiped his mouth daintily.

Lance shrugged. "I think that the fish itself is too salty." He finished his third glass of chardonnay. JC had sent them the bottle; it was really good, true, and it went with the fish. Except that, yes, the fish was a little too salty. "Can we cut up another lemon?"

It turned out to make it taste just a little worse. Justin was mournful, and they eventually threw the fish out. Lance kissed his forehead, and said, "it's okay, you did everything right." When he kissed Justin's mouth, the lemon stung his lips and the salt flavor peeked through, and Lance felt his blood tingle.


Justin handed him a burger. "And get me another beer?"

Lance reached over to grab Justin another Michelob, but Lynn beat him to it. She put the beer bottle in her mouth and twisted the cap in her teeth, prying it off. Lynn took a nice long swallow before handing the bottle off. "Here you go, baby."

Justin took the beer, dousing the burgers in it liberally, then drinking himself. "What a great day for a barbeque," he said.

Lance watched his tongue, as he gulped down beer. Lance had just had that tongue up his ass; they'd fucked right before Lynn's car drove up in their driveway. Lance knew exactly what it tasted like and how strong Justin liked to be licked, the way his lips were shaped and pressed against Lance's mouth. they'd been kissing for *years* now.

"Isn't it, though?" Lynn grabbed another beer, and trailed the bottle along her neck. condensation clung to her neck and collarbone, and she tilted her head back. "it's hotter'n hell, though."

Justin's eyes very obviously followed the path of the bottle, gaze lingering on the knob of bone at Lynn's neck. "I like it," he said. his mouth was open, a little, and his lips were shiny, sticky, from the beer and the heat. Lynn sat there, holding her beer to her chest, and Justin sat there, looking at her.

Lance started chewing his burger. it was spiced exactly, with just the right amount of ketchup and relish, and the cheese was perfectly melted and seasoned. As he bit into it, relish squirted on his hands and fell on the grass.

Date: 2003-08-26 03:50 pm (UTC)
ext_841: (smile)
From: [identity profile] cathexys.livejournal.com
Oh you're so evil! Poor little Lance who can't get Justin to get.it.just.right.... The food analogy is really lovely and just obvious enough that we have to wonder how unconscious it really is and how much Lance realizes... And Lynn's such trailer trash. Love the little details like Lance scraping the toppings off and the tongue stream-of-consciousness (from beer to ass :-)!

Date: 2003-08-27 07:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pop-tarts.livejournal.com
hee! thank you!

and yes, lynn is such trailer trash. really hot trailer trash, but trailer trash nonetheless.

Date: 2003-08-26 06:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] throughadoor.livejournal.com
Lance scraped most of the toppings off his, but Justin and Lynn ate every bite, sighing happily, and licking each other's fingers.

dude. motherFUCKER. wow, that's really, wow. momma!


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