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so [livejournal.com profile] girlcakes said: okay, there's this joke. I need to find my mic and make a sound file so I can send it. cause it's just as many people as are in a room, yelling "I'M HARRY POTTER!" over and over in really cracked-out voices, and then variations on that. "WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MY WAND?" "I CAN DO MAGIC SPELLS!" "I LIKE TO SUCK WIZARD COCK!"
and then [livejournal.com profile] pop_tarts said: "I LIKE TO SUCK WIZARD COCK!" is pretty funny all on it's own..
[livejournal.com profile] girlcakes: cause it's one of those things that *only* gets funnier. this started in November, and it's exponentially funnier now.
[livejournal.com profile] pop_tarts: right, yeah. *g* hee. like the cult of timberlake. Justin sucks wizard cock!
and at some point they dragged in [livejournal.com profile] kellyem to bring the JC and then there was, uh

"Dude, how can you DO that to--"

"He's just like any other guy, JC," Justin said. "Don't be so biased."

"He's so not, J," Lance said. "He's so underaged it's not funny. Well, it is funny? but only to sick people."

Chris raised his hand. "Me and Joe just had a vote: it's funny."

Justin scowled at them all. "You guys, after everything we've all been through, I'd think you'd be the last to try and judge our love!" Justin's voice cracked on the last word, and he had to take a moment to blink away the tears.

"Judge?" Lance said, laughing. "Man, you think this is judgment? Judgment would me making you wash your mouth out with soap or somethin'. This is just mid-tour amusement."

"Actually, the soap thing--" JC started.

Chris grabbed JC and steered him towards the door. "Time and place, JC. We talked about this."

Meanwhile Harry was sitting on the couch with Joey, fiddling with someone's Gameboy. "I don't mind, really," he said. "Besides, the age of consent is much lower in England..."

"Yeah, that's great!" Chris called over his shoulder, just before shutting the door behind him. Joey muttered something about being left to de-lamb the room.

Justin wiped his eyes a few times. "You wanna go somewhere else, Harry?"

Harry let out a little yelp as he scored another point. Lance leaned over, resting his chin on Harry's neck. "Howya doing, champ?" Lance said casually.

"I, er. I just defeated that fellow in level five, but if you want..." Lance's breath was even on Harry's shoulder, and almost as warm as the look in Justin's eyes.

Justin glared at Lance. "Maybe we'd better. You can bring the Gameboy," and ignored Joey's mild warning about taking Chris's things without asking.

Lance shrugged, smiled wide and showing teeth. "Aww," Lance said. "Y'all have to go so soon?"

"Justin, you promised I'd get to meet your friends."

Justin tugged harry away from Lance, who was practically smelling the boy. "Not this one."

"Well, I guess you'd know better than I would. Regardless, it was excellent meeting both of you chaps." Joey shook Harry's hand politely, but Lance refused to let go.

Justin slapped the back of Lance's head, and ignored him as he yelped. Just then, JC barged back in the room, followed closely by Chris. JC said, "But, like, you can really fly, right? That wasn't just in the
books? Because, man, flying. That's just, like. That would be --"

Chris tugged him on the shoulder. "JC, man, we've talked about this one, too."

JC twisted away from him prissily, "No, Chris, this is different than that time with the guy with the powder. They don't need powder, do you Harry?"

Lance eyed JC. "You know what Freud thinks an obsession with flying is all about?"

"Harry, come on, let's get out of here." Justin was flushing red, making him look even younger and more pretty than usual.

"It's really fine, Justin. You should see Hermione and Ron go at it sometime."

Joey perked up. "Yeah?" he said.

Justin reached over to smack Joey. "Joey!"

"What?" Joey said. "We should have a girl around to go at it with sometimes, too. It'd be nice. For some of us."

"For a whole whopping one of us, you mean," Lance said.

Harry blushed and glared around the room. "Okay, I think I see what you meant when you said 'queenier than Snape.'"

Lance looked at Justin, plainly intending murder later on, but JC cut in.

"Do you have your broomstick with you?" JC asked earnestly. "Maybe you could, like, come outside and show us all how to fly." He looked over at Joey and said, "Don't you wanna come, Joey?"

Justin groaned. "Nobody is going anywhere to see anything. Except Harry and I are going away."

"So Snape is real, too?" Lance whipped out his Palm Pilot from...somewhere it shouldn't have fit. "You wouldn't happen to know his address off the top of your cutely-messy head, would you?"

"'Fraid not," Harry said over his shoulder as Justin dragged him out one-handed. "He and I always arranged our trysts by owl."
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